✈FLIGHT REPORT✈ Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), London To Islamabad, Boeing 777-240ER PK786

Hello! And Welcome! I Really hope you enjoy this beautiful flight report that I made myself and not my Father this time! I recently went to Pakistan and came back on the 31st August, So I decided I shall upload this as soon as possible!

Here are the details of this flight:
Airline: Pakistan International Airlines (PIA)
Captain: M.W Malik
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER/ 777-240ER AP-BGK
Departure: London, Heathrow, United Kingdom
Arrival: Islamabad/ Rawalpindi , Benazir Bhutto, Islamic Republic Of Pakistan
Date: 24th July 2013
Departure Time: 8:00PM Scheduled (Actually Took off at 9:12PM)
Arrival Time: 7:40AM (Landed EXACTLY on-time)
Video Camera: Panasonic HC-V210


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