1-855 880 8488 book cheapest business class flights

1-855 880 8488 book cheapest business class flights
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to Auckland, but I do not seem to find the right dates can you help me Alicia?". Sure - She said and I thought she smiled the cheerfullness in her voice just made me forget what my dates were. it seeemed as I had just woken up from bed full of energy. "Can I know your name Sir" the sugar in these words just melted in my ears. "What number have i called" I asked not knowing what was happening. Talking to myself I said what is this?, I remembered it was the same number I allways call. That article in the newspaper just floated befor my eyes. The dark bold letters on the rough yellow pages said "Delta Airlines Flights Reservations Phone Number +1-855-880-8488", thats the same number i allways call, who is she?. Perplexed in my own thoughts I again got Alicia's melodious voice in my ears "Sir you have called Delta Airlines Customer Care Number and it is +1855-880-8488, can I get your first name or are you comfortable me calling you Sir". "Bob-Bobby, yeah call me Bobby, I am planning to visit my mom in Auckland in New Zealand this Christmas season because every where it says 40% off on flights on international travel. So many places claiming to give you the cheapest fare from new york to Auckland. Delta Airlines Number I called because they are providing me with the lowest price Guarantee from New york to Auckland and back on a round trip.. UMMM Bobby what dates do you want to travel on Alicia Asked. Damn, i dont know all I knew was i wanted to meet up with Alicia She is so sweet her voice is like the morning dew its the innocent smile i see on my sons face, Give me the lowest fare to auckland please i said reluctantly as I did not want her to think of me as a miser. Business Class. Yes Business Calss I said to myuself. Book cheap business class ticket from New york to Auckland I said regauing some sort of lost pride. Sure Sir came the reply, Iam not Sir Alicia call me Bobby........
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