1080 HD FULL FLIGHT – AIRBUS cockpit from start to end – Copenhagen – Vagar

Check links below. 50 minutes in the Airbus cockpit. - 1080 HD - COCKPIT FLIGHT - COPENHAGEN to VAGAR
"Start Again" by Alex (feat. Snowflake & Subliminal)
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Push and start in Copenhagen. Taxi and takeoff. Cruise RNP Approach, Turbulence and landing. Very nice video scenes when breaking free of the clouds during climb. Night landing with Turbulence in the Faroe Islands.

Had the GoPro running all the time, and edited a litle in the video Tonight. Hope you like it. Welcome to Share this approach into Vagar Airport. Again, the Airbus 319 is an amazing aircraft.

Hope you like my other videoes, showing you drone flights with the DJI Phantom, and Helicopter action with the Bell 212, 412 and AW139.

Stay safe. Check your insurance before you go traveling or flying with your DJI Phantom or any other remoted controlled aircrafts. Dont fly over crowds or expensive things. Check your local CAA rules before you fly in the city.


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