16th Birthday First Solo – (9th Flight Lesson)

I am truly speechless. This is, thus far in my life, the best experience I’ve ever had and I’m so thankful I am allowed to do this. The weather was bad and rainy on my 16th birthday (4/28/2016), so we had to reschedule it for the next day. Because of the circumstances, we still call it as if it were done on my 16th birthday.

My solo shirt tail (MayCay NAILED this!): http://i.imgur.com/FJqF9a6.png

Total instructional time before solo: 11.3 hours
Total solo time: 0.8 hours

CFI: MayCay Beeler
Flight School: Triad Aviation Academy (www.flytaa.com)
Aircraft: N647XL (Liberty XL2)

Rugged Air RA200 Headset – http://bit.ly/1QJJMSy
Rugged Air RA900 Headset – http://bit.ly/1QJJPO6


Huge thanks to www.FlyTAA.com for my flight instruction, and to my awesome instructor MayCay. They treat everyone like family and they’re all very professional with fair prices!

Triad Aviation Academy (TAA Flight Training) Liberty N648XL

For any personal or business inquires e-mail me at gsoaviator@gmail.com.


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