1st Flight AeroFlot 737-800 for Pobeda Air a new low cost carrier in Russia

This new Boeing 737-800 for Aeroflot ( VQ-BTD ) is also the new aircraft for their budget airline named Pobeda Air. Lately there has been a few aircraft fresh out of the factory painted all white. Airlines tend to do this when releasing a special livery or a new startup to keep things hush hush since spotters have made the airfields of Seattle their 2nd homes.

I cannot read Russian, but one look at Pobeda's website and you'll get a glimpse of the aircraft's new paint scheme: http://www.pobeda.aero/ru/

Watch the aircraft prepare for its first flight with a high speed taxi test in Renton before taking to the skies for the 1st time. After a few hours of flying, it'll make its first complete landing at Boeing Field in Tukwila where it'll undergo further testing before being delivered.

Filmed: KRNT Renton & KBFI Boeing Field South of Seattle, WA USA.


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