3 Hot Tips on Finding Dirt Cheap Discount Airfare

If you choose to book your travel through a specific airline or a travel agent, you may discover that the price of the airfare is quite high.  There are alternatives, however, that allow people to arrange cheap discount airfare to their desired location. Whatever your chosen destination may be, it is possible to find cheap discount airfare to suit your needs.

In your quest for dirt cheap airfare, several determinants will make your search easier: 

1) When traveling, exercise flexibility. Midday flights will almost certainly be more expensive than middle of the night flights. Online agencies will offer special deals that are only in effect on certain days, so having flexibility on the days that you can travel, will make it more likely that you will be able to secure one of these discount airfares.  Also, it is best to avoid high traffic holiday travel days.

2) When arranging holiday travel, it is best to avoid the day prior to a major holiday.  Instead, fly 2 - 3 days before.  Sundays during a holiday period will also carry a hefty price tag.  The Friday or Saturday will assuredly be much more economical.  These rules will hold true for both departing and arriving flights.

3) Advance airfare reservations are another way to secure dirt cheap discount airfare. 2 weeks advance booking is the minimum,  3 weeks will get you a cheaper rate, the further out you can book, the better. As many individuals find it more convenient to fly on the weekend, mid-week flying is another trick to accessing discount airfares.   Airlines take advantage of the fact that people will pay a higher airfare to fly at this more agreeable time.

Putting forth some extra effort to investigate ways to locate dirt cheap airfare, will prove quite advantageous to you. You can cut your airfare considerably, while still finding an appropriate flight to accommodate your needs. An individual can trim hundreds of dollars from their airfare, when they heed this advice for locating dirt cheap airfare.

Do not allow yourself to become a casualty of the airlines exorbitant airfares. You can conserve money when you find dirt cheap  airfares, and still fly to the location of your choice. The cash that you will save will make the time you spent locating these discount airfares well worth it.

Source by Rick Roberts

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