3 Steps To A Free Private Jet Charter


Private Flight Advisors, LLC is the premier boutique private jet charter and advisory firm.

An empty leg is an empty jet, on the return flight or outbound of an already–booked trip. At PFA, we advertise empty leg charters on our Facebook page for a reduced price and occasionally for free. These empty leg charters are sporadic, sometimes last minute, and not always guaranteed. Please read our terms & conditions below:

Terms & Conditions
• Private jet charter flights are on a first-come, first-served basis. Emails to Sales@FlyPFA.com will have first priority.
• Must be 25 years or older to participate.
• A charter services agreement, provided by Private Flight Advisors, LLC, shall be executed between the flyer and Private Flight Advisors.
• Must be 25 years or older to participate with valid government issued ID (Driver’s license or passport).
• Private Flight Advisors, the operator, or the jet owner has the right to terminate the private jet charter at any time.

Private Flight Advisors, LLC acts as an agent of its clients and serves on their behalf to arrange charter flights. Private Flight Advisors does not own or operate aircraft and is not a direct or indirect air carrier. All charter flights associated with Private Flight Advisors are operated by third party FAA certified Part 135 air carriers. The Part 135 carrier(s) operating the flights under this agreement exercise(s) full operational control of the aircraft at all times. Carriers providing service under this agreement meet FAA requirements for commercial transportation of retail charter clients.

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