3 Tips to Cheap Flights

FULL STORY: http://traveltoday.tv/2012/07/21/3-tips-low-cost-airfare-to-china/

If you are looking to book a trip to China, you can easily become overwhelmed and confused with a lot of prices & figures. How do you know when to book the right plane ticket to China, and how do you know if your ticket to China will get you there in style?

The travel experts at TravelToday.TV have produced this short video with 3 Simple Tips to get you to China on the cheap. If you are looking to book inexpensive airfare to China, this video will show you how you can easily book a inexpensive airfare ticket.

The three tips mentioned in the video are:

1) Book your airfare on a Tuesday. You can generally find the cheapest airfare on a Tuesday because marketing incentives are published.

2) Don't fall for gimmicks. Use websites like Google's ITA Matrix to book your ticket.

3) Call the airline after you book your ticket to see if there are any reduced fare class buckets available for you to book into. Sometime the change fee will be smaller than the potential savings

By following these tips you will be getting to China as least expensively as possible.

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