3 Ways to Find Cheap Flights and Travel for Less


There are endless tools and websites to help you find cheap flights and book your travel, but if you want to get really savvy and find the best possible options and cheap flights, there are three travel options that I recommend.

Even when I'm late on booking a flight, the sites I use can turn my procrastination into something positive.

This happened recently when I managed to change my flight from Cebu to Tokyo to four days later so I could play with the Happy Pigs in one of the best beach ultimate tournies in Boracay first, the flights were all on sale including one way for just $28!

Watch this episode to find out which site I used to get that amazing price and which tools you can use to get cheap flights, too.

What you'll learn in this episode:

My go-to site for finding cheap flights and the best routes
Which site is great if you have less time to search on your own for flights
What I recommend you doing for flights when you're traveling to an unfamiliar country


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