48 hours in Dubai

Dubai is an amazing city, full of life and adventure and as the hub for Emirates, it is an easy stop-over. Only have the weekend in Dubai? With just 48 hours in Dubai there is so much to see and experience and student flights from StudentUniverse make it affordable to reach. From new foods to beaches and adventurous excursions, you won’t spend a second bored in this city.

Check out the video for all the reasons Dubai is becoming a major attraction for adventurous students. Be the first of your friends to experience Dubai and all that the city has to offer.


To learn more, check out the StudentUniverse blog post, “Cool Things to do in Dubai” for the insider scoop on hotels, activities and food around the city for your unforgettable weekend in Dubai.

Cool Things To Do in Dubai

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It’s a crazy life because it’s awesome
It’s not very expensive, it's very nice

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