5 Of The Best Bungee Jump Spots In The US

One of the fun activities that people love doing these days is bungee jumping. This is a great activity for people looking for some sort of adrenaline rush and something that could help them have a good time. In case you want to know where to find the best places in US, then below are 5 of the spots that you might want to check out for that adrenaline-filled plunge:

Amboy, Washington - This is one of the nearest locations to check out in case you live in Seattle. With just 25 miles away from Seattle, you can enjoy bungee activities without having to travel far. Make sure that you have a map or a GPS device so you would not get lost on your way to the site. Try their 200 foot fall directly over a river and you will certainly have the most unforgettable jumps ever.

Historic Bridge to nowhere - This is found in San Gabriel Mountains. You just need to travel 20 miles for you to get to north of Azusca California. Check out their website for you to find out about the jump schedules and the things that you could do in such a wonderful place.

Shelton, Washington - Shelton is also a great place to for a jump, you just have to drive for two hours and you will certainly enjoy great views and their amazing 420 feet tall canyon. If you are looking for one of the tallest jump spot, then this is what you might want to check out and experience a breathtaking plunge and find out how you would feel about it.

Royal Gorge Bridge - If you are about to visit Colorado, then you need to check out this spot. They have one of the world's highest suspension bridges so if you want to experience bungee jumping, then this place is also one good choice for you to have a great jump. Just make sure to check out their schedules since bungee jumping is not available in their area all year round.

Track Family Recreation Center - In case you are going to Florida, you should not miss out checking their bungee jumping site so you would enjoy their man-made bungee jumping site that is about a 75 foot jump. This is perfect for people who are not yet into bungee jumping but want to try it out. You would certainly enjoy your first bungee jump in their recreation center.

Source by B H Yao

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