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Visiting Brazil soon? Check out my top 5 things to do for free in Rio de Janeiro!

I've had a love affair with Rio de Janeiro for as long as I can remember. Or as Brazilians would say 'desde que eu me entendo por gente' 😛

Most Capeverdeans grow up watching Brazilian novelas where our fascination with the country and the marvelous city begins. I had high expectations of Rio de Janeiro but even then the city managed to blow me away and each time I visit I fall more in love. The friendly people, good climate, delicious food, many cool activities and the beautiful landscapes make this destination incredible and has something to offer to every traveller.

I haven't met anyone who travels to Rio and doesn't instantly fall in love. There's a magic about this place that needs to be experienced and once you get a taste of it you're hooked! Next time I go I would love to visit Salvador, Fernando Noronho, Floreonopolis, Alto Paraiso and the Amazon.

Brazil is a beautiful country and holds a magic that everybody feels when visiting. Can you tell how much I love this place?? 😀


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