6 Benefits Of Private Air Charter

Air Charter: Empowering Passenger:

Flying by standard operators may look like a saving but when you look at flying by the usual operators you soon realize that this is a false economy. In business time is money. Imagine the scenario where you have a group of top executives that need to get from Surry to Paris, Rome or Berlin. Under the usual circumstances you would have to get these individuals to the local airport. But what if the meeting had to suddenly be postponed? What if the CEO had an urgent appointment so that the meeting had to be postponed for a day?

So how can air charter help in these situations? If you hire a private aircraft you are the boss. Once you have paid for the airplane you can dictate when you depart. Obviously you would have to give reasonable notice of say at least an hour. Now compare this to the standard operators. Can you imagine them holding up an aircraft for a few hours because someone is late. I think not!

Flexible Schedules, Cleaner Itineraries:

As suggested above, flexibility means cleaner itineraries. This means you can depart when and where you wish, but you can also return when you wish.

Meetings can go on for longer than expected so if you fly with a commercial airliner this would mean you would need to book a hotel for the night. Not only would you have to fork out for an expensive hotel but you would also waste the next day as all your executives flew back.

The other scenario is if you used air charter to get to your meeting. If your meeting does overrun, you can postpone your departure. You can even arrange for the aircraft to land late at night despite the airport being officially closed.

No More Travel Headaches:

Not only is air charter flexible but it also means you can avoid delays. Today flying by regular carries means you are subject to industrial action, delays and loss of luggage. All this equates to one massive headache rather than the pleasure that flying used to be.

Increased Security But Without The Delays:

Today the increased security at airports has added to delays. You now have to arrive 3 hours in advance for international flights. Owing to the added security you have to join long queues as you wait for your baggage to be x-rayed.

In contrast to this image when you fly by air charter you will be about one in a handful of people as you queue for security rather than being one in thousands. Flying by air charter is more secure because in most cases you will be flying to a regional airport. This means it is less likely to be a target of terrorism but also the simple fact that you are very likely to know everyone on your flight as they will be in your group. Unlike flying by commercial airliner when you fly by air charter you usually depart from your own executive lounge.

Keeping Your Affairs Private:

knowing who you are traveling with and flying from an exclusive private jet charter lounge has its advantages. When you fly by air charter you are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. This is why royalty, celebrities, and captains of industry have all chosen to fly by Smarter Air Charter.

A More Personal Service:

Air charter also gives you greater personal service. Smaller groups, regional airports, flexible schedules, and an almost carte blanche to how you would like the service modified to your needs means you get the best service possible.

Source by Larry Grosman

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