6 Tips For Cheap Airfare

Frustrating isn't it, to have to spend what seems like hours visiting airline site after airline site searching for a schedule that works and a fare you can afford?

In most cases, you can forget those low fares you see advertised in the paper or on a web site. These are usually teaser fares that either are for one or two seats or have so many restrictions and such a horrendous schedule that hardly anyone would want it.

The airline industry is driven by supply, demand and competition. So, you need to arm yourself with some proven tips and tricks to help you in your quest for discounted airline tickets.

Here are your 6 tips for finding the cheapest airfare;

#1. If your departure date has some flexibility search only for the lowest fare. Searching by dates will begin to eliminate some pricing options. Avoid Monday's and Friday's as these are the return days for allot of business travelers or those leaving or returning from a vacation.

#2. The same reasoning applies to times of departure. Hey, if you can sleep anywhere then those red eye flights can really be a wallet saver.

#3. Explore any possible discounts like, senior, veteran, student, group affiliations, travel clubs.

#4.Fly into an alternate airport. perhaps you have a friend or relative that doesn't mind driving to an outlying airport to pick you up? A nice bribe is dinner at a restaurant since you have to eat anyway.

#5. Try a ticket consolidator which are companies that buy blocks of tickets at a deep discount and resell them to travelers at a much better rate. These types of tickets are usually destination focused such as Hawaii, Disney World, Mexico, etc.

#6. If you have the time, internet auction sites where you bid your own price can sometimes give your wallet a big breather. Another option is to subscribe to email alerts from companies that monitor ticket prices.

Finding affordable air travel today requires planning and tenacity. However, the rewards are worth it because when you find the cheapest air fare not only can fly more often but, you will have more to spend on your enjoyment when you get there.

Source by D Cole

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