7 Insider Tips To Booking Cheap Airline Flights In Asia

7 Insider Tips To Booking Cheap Airline Flights In Asia

The year-end holidays are just around the corner; maybe you should get away somewhere. A couple of clicks on Google and all the searches return trips that break the bank. Maybe you are destined to spend your holiday break in Singapore and suffer through the misery of everyone else sharing their vacation snaps on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat, etc. On hindsight maybe you should have made travel plans much earlier, or is there any hope left?

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With costs rising, airline managers are hard pressed to deliver profits to their stakeholders. At the same time with increased competition in the region, airlines are also pricing their fares aggressively. So don’t expect uber dirt-cheap fares but at the same time do avoid being the fool who paid the highest price for your flight.

I’ve worked in the airline industry for a couple years and learnt a couple of tricks that I’ll be sharing today. Here are several tips to getting cheap airline flights out of Singapore (or pretty much anywhere else).

1. Buy airline tickets at least 8 weeks in advance


If it’s just a spur of the moment, you will still be able to grab pretty attractive fares from about 8 weeks away. If you plan to jet off during a lull period (before and during school examination periods is a good example; Singapore exams happen around April/May and Steptember/October), just hold off and wait for airline promotions- they’ll be coming soon.

Planes are rarely filled to maximum capacity during these periods and airlines are keen to attract more seats by offering cheap fare promotions, so you can be sure to get a good deal. Further proving the 8 week rule, Economist Makoto Watanabe has even created a statistical formula that calculates the average best timing to purchase a ticket: 8 weeks before your flight.

For the more popular Asian destinations like Bangkok, Taipei and Hong Kong however, during the peak travel periods of long weekends and school holidays, you’ll want to make your booking at least 12 weeks in advance for the best rate. So if you plan to head to any of these places during the year-end holidays, be prepared to splurge. Wait till you see the hotel room rates!
2. Be flexible with your flight dates

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The key to getting cheap flights is being flexible with your travel dates and times. The difference from traveling a day (or even a few hours) earlier or later can mean huge savings on your piggy bank. The day of week does matter as well. In an average week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays tend to be the cheaper flight days, while mid day flight timings like 2-6pm will also be cheaper.

Usually a combination of weekday and off-timing will give the cheapest rate. Most airline booking sites display a range of timings, so plan your off-day around the rates instead of the other way round.

Bear in mind that the most convenient time to travel for you is probably the same for the other 179 passengers on the aircraft (An Airbus A320 has the capacity for 180 passengers). Most people relish the fact that they can get away for a weekend without utilizing a single day of their annual leave allowance. So don’t expect the airline to offer cheap airfares for flights during long weekends.
3. Buy tickets from the airline’s own website
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Admit it. You just typed “Cheap Flights to Timbuktu” in Google. Searching online for cheap flights is an art. There are sleuths/gurus around who regularly comb the net for cheap airfares after work and it’s a hobby to them! Airfare search engines are awesome but some of these sites have incentives from their airline partners to feature airfares which aren’t necessarily the cheapest.

Here are some airfare search engines that can still be pretty useful:

Skyscanner – Pretty decent airfare search engine but it does miss out on the airline exclusive fares from time to time.
ITA Software by Google – Does not feature fares from low cost carriers and does not tell you the source of the fare. Nonetheless it’s still a popular must have for frequent ideas (as recommended by the flying gurus).

Use the airline’s own website when searching for airfares as well. Quite often you will find exclusive fares there which aren’t shared with these travel search engines. Another tip is to compare rates for one and two passengers, some airlines offer special fares for a pair of travelers.

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