A Cheap Flight For a Senior Citizen

Having spent the best years of their lives working and supporting the system, the least Senior citizens or Pensioners should enjoy in their twilight years is cheap airfares, cheap cruises and very cheap hotel accommodation. While some governments can be commended for the effort to subsidise local travel, heating and healthcare, a lot more still need to be done in areas like travel and tourism.

Instead the airlines and travel operators have turned reason on its head. For example: It costs almost double to buy travel insurance for a Senior; there are not enough quality holiday resorts catering for the older generation; and the tour operators treat pensioners with a patronising attitude. This is a disgrace that must not be left unchecked. There is no need to wait for things to get better or for the industry to self regulate. We must take the fight to them, and the way to do it is to be smart and to get the knowledge of how the systems work. Fortunately, we already have some allies within the system. I will explain what I mean.

Have you ever wondered how airline personnel or workers manage to fly round the world when they are not on duty? Well the answer is in the system. They usually get very cheap airline tickets by using a closely guarded industry secret. Sometimes as low as ninety five percent less than the regular quoted prices. Now, there is nothing in the law stopping Seniors and Pensioners from enjoying and exploiting a similar loophole to make their meagre savings stretch a little bit more. Thanks to the mavericks that have broken rank from the airline industry, the information and knowledge of how to get very cheap airfare tickets is now at our fingertips.

Source by Charles Crocozy

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