A DIY Quadcopter – Assembly – simple, cheap and easy. (Part 1 of 2)

Quadcopter frame made from easily obtainable parts, from your hardware or arts and crafts store. See Part2, the initial test flight here http://youtu.be/I9Lai6Rc-J8

1/8 sheet wood for top/bottom plates.
1/2 wood dowel for arms
1" 6-32 screws, inner.
2" 6-32 screws, outer.
4" hole saw, to make top/bottom plates.

Multiwii 1.7 (ATMEGA Firmware)
Wii Mmotion+ - Gyro (from wiimote and nunchuck)
BMA180 - Accelerometer
ESC - TURNIGY Plush 18amp Speed Controller (hobbyking)
Motor - 2210N 1000Kv Brushless motor (hobbyking)
Power Bus - home made.

The remote control/transmitter is nothing special, you can use any rc remote, I use a standard 2.6ghz transmitter / receiver. I mean any rc trasmitter/receiver will do, even from your old rc toys. Just make sure it is legal in your country to use it on an rc aircraft..


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