A Seized Aircraft – A Simply Amazing Buying Opportunity

As the aircraft was cycling above the beach, I slowly started to realize what my cousin had just achieved. He had taken the whole family for vacations, not with a van, not with a sailing boat but with an aircraft. How on earth do you buy a whole aircraft?

This is where the wisdom of my cousin came to life.

Ed is one of those stubborn ex-fighter pilots that has retired and runs a small successful company. When his wife challenged him during a Christmas meal that he would never acquire his own aircraft, he decided to prove her wrong.

Now, little we knew that the guy would actually make that dream come true!

As the seaplane was touching the water, I was trying to remember how on earth can one buy an aircraft.

I remember him correcting me three months earlier: "I am not going to buy any aircraft, David. I am going to buy a seized aircraft.", with a tone that would make Al Pacino run for cover.

Seized aircraft are vehicles that have been taken from previous wealthy men. They are always very well maintained and of new technology. Once they become government property, they are auctioned.

Here is where the magic starts.

While, standard car and motor auctions can have many bidders that push the price up, this is not the case for aircraft auctions. They are sold at ridiculously low prices. The prices are so low that you can re-sell the same aircraft for five times more from your purchase price and they can still be sold.

The reason is that finding such auction turns out to be very difficult. Well, not for my cousin, who struck gold when he found an on-line seized aircraft auction that takes place electronically and lets you get any aircraft you want.

As we arrived at the port - it was a sea plane this one - his wife realized that the little deserted area we were to stay for the weekend had no big shopping area and started giving instructions for what my cousin should buy.

He then called me: "Hey Dave, want to come help me?".

"Where are we going?", I asked.

"Shopping", he said as he started the engine.

"Where man?"

"To a town 75 km north ... We'll be there in five minutes. We can have a coffee the two of us there".

As we were taking off I realized that some men just don't take No for an answer...

Now some things you should pay attention when choosing an online auction:

- Make sure that the auction site provides some form of secure money management. This can be tricky to find out but the first thing you should do is to look for some important company behind it.

- When you find in the bidding area you must be fast if not you risk of losing the sale. In some domains it takes less than two days before the aircraft is gone.

With these two in mind I wish you luck.

Source by David J. Fesen

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