Accepted Etiquette on a Private Aircraft Charter

Traveling by charter flight is highly preferred for the freedoms and comfort it provides, but it still requires a certain amount of etiquette. These 'unwritten' rules will ensure you and the crew have a pleasant flight. If you are planning to take an aircraft charter on your next trip, here are some rules of etiquette and protocol that will help you receive the best services possible.

Being Late For The Departure Of The Aircraft Charter

A favorite benefit to charter flight is the freedom of departure. However, being late arriving at the airport is not always the best. The entire crew waiting and it also causes a series of headaches for you, the pilot, and airport because of scheduling conflicts. It is unlikely that you will be out of luck, but it will require additional arrangements. If you know you will be late, be sure to phone the company as soon as you know you aren't going to make it on time so that the crew can be notified.

Bringing Food And Drinks Aboard A Charter Flight

Generally, bringing your own food and beverages aboard an aircraft charter is completely acceptable. You do want to keep in mind that serving and eating it may be the problem you encounter. Before bringing anything with you, find out from the provider if there will be plates, cutlery, or a microwave available on the plane so that you can enjoy your meal. You will also want to find out if certain foods and drinks are prohibited while in flight. In some cases, the company may provide you with the food and drinks you need right on the plane eliminating the hassle of carrying it with you.

Pets And Tobacco Products

These vary greatly from company to company, so you want to inquire about these things before booking your trip. Some will not allow these items, others will make special arrangements, and others have no restrictions. With tobacco, you will still need to wait for the crew to notify you it is OK before lighting up. Pets should always be well behaved or kept in a carrier. Otherwise, the animal can actually become a safety concern for both you and the staff. You will also want to keep in mind that some people dislike both of these topics.

Tipping The Staff

This topic also varies greatly between providers and is another policy you should be aware of before boarding. Some companies restrict the amount you are allowed to tip or require you to include it when paying for the services. Some providers actually have a policy against tipping. The reality is that it isn't an expected idea. In many cases, contacting the business after your flight and expressing your appreciation is far more valuable.

Following the proper etiquette on an aircraft charter is no different from following the unspoken rules of business, fine dining, or any other situation. These ideas simply make the trip far more enjoyable for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you board in Los Angeles or Chicago charter flight will be a relaxing and safe experience.

Source by Chris A. Harmen