Actual video of WW2 Thunderbolt crashing in Hudson River – VIDEO plane crashing Hudson River 5/27/16

vintage plane goes down in New York’s Hudson River
Clips of the plane (Thunderbolt) crashing and Good Samaritan Diving Into Hudson River To Rescue Pilot After Small WWII-Era Plane Crashes

*** NYPD says an earlier report by the New Jersey State Police regarding a survivor in the small plane crash in the Hudson River was incorrect. NYPD says the plane has been located, but the pilot is unaccounted for****

The pilot of a World War Two-era plane was rescued with minor injuries after crashing in the Hudson River off New York City on Friday.

New York Police spokesman J. Peter Donald said on Twitter that the aircraft went down near the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum and that the department’s harbour units were on scene. The museum is a few miles south of the George Washington Bridge.
Frank Pijuan, 53, was walking parallel to the river on the Manhattan side when he saw a plane flying low from the West Side of Manhattan, the New York Times reported.

He said he thought that the plane, which he described as old and small, was doing acrobatic stunts. “Then it disappeared,” he was quoted as saying.
“I was down by my building and I saw the airplane circle around a couple of times,” another witness, Frank Pijuan, told the New York Post. “And then it disappeared.”

Some witnesses said it sounded like the plane was having engine trouble.

“Just saw a plane go down in the Hudson River. Hope all are okay,” Carla Nager wrote on Twitter.

“Engine sounded like it was dying out,” she wrote.

The plane was in the area because of Fleet Week, a week-long celebration of the U.S. military’s seafaring service members. The other two aircraft safely returned to the airport.

An investigation has been launched into what caused the crash.

credit:John Michael Arcella and CBSN

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Actual video of WW2 Thunderbolt crashing in Hudson River May 2016

Multiple videos showing the Thunderbolt crashing, and even one showing a man in a boat jumping overboard in order to try and save the life of the pilot, which i might add, at this moment it’s still not sure if he is alive.

avioneta se estrelló en el Hudson River de Nueva York. La policía confirmó que se encontró sin vida al piloto


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