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Adventure Vacations | Europe’s Exciting Travel Experiences
Nov 24, 2012 by Melissa No Comments Posted under: Travel Articles

Looking for adventure vacations? Europe is an extremely diverse continent, a continent of rich history, culture and landscapes. However, best of all it is home to a huge variety of adventure vacations that you should not miss. From trekking and biking, to canoe and water rafting, it has something for everyone!

Top Destinations Perfect for your Adventure Experience:
1. Tatra Mountain, Poland is perfect for trekking. Well developed for hikers and winter’s sports enthusiasts, it is also the largest alpine-type massif in Central Europe
2.River Spey, Scotland is perfect for Rafting Activity or you can also or hike the Speyside Way trail which follows the river through lush beautiful forest and mountains.
3.Ride on the domestic ponies in Iceland and discover it’s scenic beauty.
4.Visit Norway and enjoy winter activities such as snow mobile rides or dog sledding.
5.Enjoy the breathtaking Pyrenees in France. Explore and enjoy walking and trekking across Pyrenees.

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