Aero-TV Heads Skyward With The Rocket Racing League

Advanced Technologies Allow For A Safer “Aero-Future”

Founded in 2005 by two-time Indianapolis 500 champion team owner Granger Whitelaw and aerospace pioneer and X PRIZE Foundation founder Dr. Peter Diamandis, the Rocket Racing League ( is the only entertainment sports league that combines the exhilaration of racing with the power of rocket engines, fully satisfying our universal love for power and flight through the thrill of Rocket Racers.

To be held at venues across the country, the Rocket Racing League will feature multiple races pitting up to 10 Rocket Racers going head to head in a 4-lap, multiple elimination heat format on a 5-mile “Formula One”-like closed circuit raceway in the sky. The Rocket Racer pilots see the “raceway in the sky” via in-panel and 3D helmet displays. For the hundreds of thousands of fans in attendance, they will witness the racing action live and in real-time display on multiple large projection screens. For the millions of fans watching on televisions and PCs at home, they will experience the thrill of the Rocket Racing League via unique remote and rocket-mounted cameras that give at-home fans the sensation of riding right alongside famed League pilots.

But… the technologies in play for both the Rocket Racing League and their recently acquired company, Velocity Aircraft, promise MORE than thrills and excitement… but the potential of safer and more versatile flights for us all.

ANN’s Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, checked in with Granger Whitelaw to look at the future technologies involved in the formulation of the Rocket Racing League and the payoffs such efforts might have for us all.

Take A Giant Leap Into the Future With Aero-TV and the Rocket Racing League.


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