Aero-TV: TAF’s Impressive Sling 4 – A Real Live AFFORDABLE Four Seater

An Impressive LSA-Like Airframe Boasts Excellent Numbers... And FOUR Seats!

A company located in South Africa named, The Aircraft Factory (TAF), produces some great airplanes, and ANN CEO and Editor-In-Chief, Jim Campbell, visited the TAF Torrance, CA headquarters to ask about their Sling 4, four-place aircraft.

Jim met with Matt Liknaitzky, the president of MGL Avionics USA, and he heads up the U.S. distribution of Sling Aircraft for TAF.

Jim’s first question was about the uniqueness of their Sling 4. It’s unique because it is a four place airplane, yet it’s powered by an engine of about 115 horsepower. Jim asked Liknaitzky to explain the goal of the airplane.

Liknaitzky said that while it is a low powered four place airplane, it uses the Rotax 914 turbocharged engine combined with a constant speed prop. This combination gives it good performance, and the four seat configuration provides the capability of carrying extra loads which can be either people or whatever you want to pack in the back. In the video, Jim flies with Liknaitzky and you can see for yourself that this airplane performs.

In the video, you’ll ride along with Jim as he flies the airplane and describes its handling characteristics. Jim goes through a complete flight profile and talks you through what the airplane is doing and how it reacts in the various regimes of flight. You’ll also find that the performance numbers belay the fact that this aircraft uses the economical and efficient Rotax engine.

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