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Hot Air Balloon Safaris Tours in Kenya, hot_air_balloon_safari,Balloon Safaris,the sun rises in the horizon over the Maasai Mara, tthe propane burner roars filling hot air in the balloon and off you are to one the most enjoyable safaris we offer.
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Africa wildlife family holidays and Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania, Budget camping, luxury lodge Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro trekking adventure African trips and Tours.

Eyes on nature expeditions is a unique online booking platform that offers Adventure Travel and Business Tourism. Here you can also find cheap airline tickets, affordable hotels and resorts reservations, tours and excursions, car hire and unforgettable cruise experience in Africa region serving consumer segments from family vacations, honeymoon extravaganzas, adventure packages to business traveler solutions. So if you are looking for African Safari or a Luxury Tour designed for Africa, is the place to be.

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Eyes on nature expeditions is one of the african kenya Tanzania safaris and Safari companies offering Kenya Tanzania Wildlife Safaris, Tanzania tours, Masai Mara camping safari, Mount Kenya Climbing, Kenya Safaris are scheduled to match with yours budget camping safaris in Kenya. masai mara wildlife migration safaris in Kenya, Amboseli Lodge tours Kenya safaris and holidays in Kenya camping wildlife safaris, wildlife safaris in Kenya, Kenya safari, Kenya camping safaris ,camping safaris in Kenya as well as masai mara wildlife migration from Serengeti Tanzania to masai mara Kenya. The most famous safari holiday in African travel is Kenya and Tanzania combined tour.

Please do join us in our excellent Camping safaris: lodge safaris; Birds watching Safaris, Gorilla trekking; mountain climbing; luxury-tented safaris; water rafting; beach safaris; balloon safaris & more.

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