Afternoon Project Pizza Tray Glider Part #3 Test Flights

Afternoon Project Pizza Tray Glider Part #3 Test flights. Can't quite get the balance right between the CG and adjusting the elevator when I use the catapult launch but the flies were causing us problems again so we cut the session short.


Styrofoam pizza tray
Bamboo stick
Two pack epoxy glue
Electrical connector

Sharp knife

Wing Span 440mm
Wing Root Chord 70mm
Wing Tip chord 60mm
Tail Span 140mm
Tail Root Chord 70mm
Tail Tip Chord 40mm
Rudder height 70mm
Rudder root 60mm
Rudder Tip 40mm
Wing to Tail 110mm
Nose 50mm
Dihedral 30mm

Filmed using Canon Powershot SX60 HS
Edited using Serif MoviePlus X6

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