Air Charter Pricing

Air charter pricing varies greatly, depending upon factors such as the aircraft chosen and the time of the flight. As you might expect, air charter flights are typically a little pricier when compared to commercial prices on a seat by seat basis. Yet charter flights can make financial sense when compared to the full range of those sometimes hidden costs that get tacked on when flying commercial airlines. When we quote you a price, you know that everything is included.

Some benefits with air charter travel

There is no question that private charter flights save time. Passengers are able to skip the wait in long ticket lines, zipping straight to their aircraft when they arrive at their airport. They also avoid crowds and eliminate the crowded seating common in many jets. The security protocols at commercial airports have become increasingly invasive and time consuming in recent years, adding enormous stress to business travel. In addition, ground traffic when traveling to and from airports can add hours to your itinerary.

- You will usually save time when chartering a private aircraft to your destination. The time saved can alleviate the need for an overnight stay, eliminating the costs of hotel accommodations. This efficient style of travel is becoming increasingly popular with executives and private businesses of all kinds due to the financial and temporal savings achieved when purchasing travel for large numbers of people and business teams.

- Hours and even days of travel can be eliminated by efficient scheduling. Use the flexibility offered by charter flights to visit several destinations in one day. This can significantly reduce the costs associated with multiple trips and having your key performers out of the office. The ability to conduct and complete business transactions and meetings quickly is a gift to executives whose time is so valuable on every level.

- Executives and business teams can use flight time to hold business meetings or even to conduct important strategy sessions. This makes business trips more productive and increases the non-tangible value of private air charter service.

How does private air charter compare with fractional ownership?

Air charter service gives you as much flight time as you like, there are no restrictions on when or how you fly. You're able to fly wherever you want, whenever you want. With fractional aircraft ownership you have restricted use of the aircraft. Your flight schedule is determined by aircraft availability, which can be a problem. In a business environment that depends on swift and efficient travel, conforming to complicated schedules can be challenging and frustrating. Charter service gives you the flexibility you need to get to last minute meetings so you can close important business deals.

There are no extra fees with private air travel. You pay a set fee for your flights and are never charged a monthly fee for maintenance or management as is typical with fractional ownerships. Whether you fly one employee or a team of several, the price of your flight doesn't change. Flight reservations with private air services can typically be made with little notice, offering a flexibility that meshes perfectly with your busy schedule.

Source by Erin Weir

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