AIR CRASH INVESTIGATION – Ghost Plane : Helios 522 [Part4/5][GR Subs]

Sunday, August 14, 2005. Larnaca Airport, in Cyprus. It's 9:00am and low cost airline Helios Airways Flight 522 is scheduled to fly to the Greek capital, Athens, before continuing its route to Prague, in the Czech Republic. Captain Hans Mertens, the 58-year-old German pilot and his Greek co-pilot, 40-year-old Bambos Charalambous, begin the take-off. At 09.11am, as the plane climbs through 12,000 feet, a warning buzzer sounds in the cockpit. Mertens radios Air Traffic Control to report he has a minor air-conditioning problem. Five minutes later, he requests permission to climb to 34,000 feet. Thirty minutes later, the plane enters Greek airspace. Athens Air Traffic control tries to make contact but Flight 522 remains eerily silent. At 10.24am, the Greek Air Force is notified of the renegade plane. Could Flight 522 have been hi-jacked? 11.20am, two Greek Air Force F-16 fighters intercept the Boeing 737. Flying dangerously close to the plane, they are shocked to see the co-pilot slumped unconscious in his seat and the captain missing. Twenty-one minutes later, they see two unidentified people moving around the cockpit. At 12.04pm, they watch helplessly as the passenger jet crashes into a mountain, exploding into a fireball. Unravelling the mystery of flight 522 revels an astonishing series of errors. ·A history of safety problems that are ignored by the airline. ·Warning alarms which are misidentified by the pilot. ·Vital pieces of aircraft machinery that are not used properly. · And in the end, a final twist. Investigators discover that air has leaked out of the plane. Everyone on board is unconscious. But DNA proves that the two people in the cockpit aren't hijackers, but members of the cabin crew who are using portable oxygen canisters. Sadly, their attempts to take control and land the plane end tragically.


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