Air Crash Investigation Panic Over The Pacific 6 Mile Plunge S04E06 YouTube

Published on November 24, 2014

China Airlines flight 006 was a flight between Taiwan and Los Angeles. The Boeing 747 which ensured that flight 15 February 1985 suffered an engine failure, but the pilots managed to land the aircraft on the San Francisco International Airport . All passengers and crew survived.

A trivial incident caught the attention of the crew to the point of driving them to commit more errors. Following a drop in power on the engine number 4 ( outer right ) , the drivers stop to turn it on. But they neglected to get off the plane flying at an altitude too high for it to restart to be possible ( 41,000 feet).

Moreover, having received such a re-ignition before completing the shutdown procedure , the FE omitted for its part to close an air valve provided in the checklist and essential to restarting the engine . Because of this oversight and excessive altitude , engine restart attempts were unsuccessful .


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