Air Transat Airbus A330-243 | London Gatwick to Toronto Pearson *Full Flight*

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1080p HD!

First flight across the Atlantic in over a year, my first time on Air Transat and my first trip to Canada!
Overall Air Transat were very good. For a leisure airline, with much cheaper fares than other carriers the service was brilliant. Complimentary drinks throughout the flight a hot meal, which consisted of Chicken with Rice & Vegetables followed by a Pizza slice shortly before arrival. The entertainment system was great, loads of movies, TV shows and games to choose from and the seats were quite comfy and roomy as well. Flight was fairly busy, the back of the aircraft was almost full, but we were fortunate enough to not have anyone sat on our row, so managed to spread out and take up the row of 3. When I booked it this flight was down to be an A330-300 but was changed to an A330-200 so there was a bit of juggling around with the seats but still got a good engine view so I was quite happy, shame about the weather in Gatwick and the dirty window though. But it can't be helped. This aircraft is used to the wet weather in the UK as it was formerly a Thomas Cook aircraft, registered G-OJMB until 2011. Small world!

Flight No.: TS723
Aircraft: Airbus A330-243
Reg.: C-GTSI
Seat: 7A
Engine Type: Rolls-Royce Trent 772B
Departure Time: 10:45 (airborne 11:00 approx)
Arrival Time: 13:55 (actual 13:45)
Flight Duration: 7 hours 45mins
Cruising Alt: 40,000ft, FL400
Departure Runway: RWY26L
Arrival Runway: RWY05
Route: LGW-YYZ

For the take off from Gatwick I switched to filming with my phone as it was focusing better through the rainy window so apologies for the slight change in audio quality but the sound of the Rolls Royce engines still sounds incredible!

Some brilliant views over Canada and Toronto City on the descent. Also you can see Pearson airport as we fly around to arrive from the South. Apologies for the shrieking child sat on the opposite side of the isle during the approach, not a lot I can do about it.

As with all of my videos in the "Full Flight" series I do, by full flight I mean it includes every stage of the flight. Not literally an 8 hour video of the clouds and the Atlantic. If that's what you're after then you've come to the wrong place.

Thanks for watching.
Look out for the videos of the return flight from Toronto coming soon.



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