Air Travel Can Damage Your Health MASSIVE COVER UP !

Dr Sarah Myhill, MB BS, says: “Anybody undergoing a flight in an aircraft is at risk of being poisoned by noxious gases, oil fumes and pesticides… Therefore I now routinely advise all my patients who are considering such a flight to wear an activated charcoal mask in order to protect themselves from fume events in pressurised cabins.”

What goes up must come down! A massive cover up by the airline industry reported by Channel 4 news-

An Attempt to Characterize the Frequency, Health Impact, and Operational Costs of Oil in the Cabin and Flight Deck Supply Air on U.S. Commercial Aircraft-

Aerotoxic syndrome: a descriptive epidemiological survey of aircrew exposed to in-cabin airborne contaminants-

Organophosphates report-

Medical aspects of work-related exposures to organophosphates-

Professor Bagshaw’s The Aerotoxic Syndrome-

Identification and Characterization of Biomarkers of Organophosphorus (OP) Exposures in Humans

Neuropsychological and Psychiatric Functioning in Sheep Farmers Exposed to Organophosphate Pesticides

Pilot Blood Test Results-

Cognitive function following exposure to contaminated air on commercial aircraft:-

Aerotoxic blog-

Aerotoxic website-

Aerotoxic Association


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