Air Travel in the 1940’s

How to fly / pilot the Douglas C-47 Skytrain / Dakota World War II Transport Airplane - Military version of the DC-3 commercial airliner.

St. Paul, Minnesota State Fair Grounds.

"Fly Eagles Fly" - Philadelphia Eagles fighting song 1940s-1990.

An airline hostess of the day had a long list of points that had to be met. Our magazine | airline stewardess is our focus.

The ERCO Ercoupe is a low-wing monoplane aircraft that was designed and built in the United States. It was first manufactured by the Engineering and ...

Wings for Roger Windsock - Roger wishes he had wings, then he finds his wings in helicopters and planes -the changing world of aviation 1940s.

Recruitment for US Army Air Corps (Early US Air Force) - Flight maneuvers,

Air Travel in the 1940's

Air Travel in the 1940's


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