Air Vanuatu Boeing 737-800 STUNNING Sydney Cockpit Landing with ATC and FULL FLIGHT! [AirClips]

While Vanuatu is the pearl of the South Pacific featuring amazing people, wonderful islands and active volcanos, Air Vanuatu may likewise be seen as a pearl in the aviation industry. Operating a fleet of beautifully painted aircraft with a single Boeing 737-800 flagship, it transports the unique island spirit of Vanuatu into the world.

The in-flight experience from the passenger's point of view is above average: The crew welcomes you with that naturally inherent smile, warmth and hospitality which makes you feel at home on board. Additionally, the in-flight catering is above world-class level and e.g. in Business Class exceeds the quality levels offered by international competitors like Emirates Airlines in the same class of service.

Everything inside and outside of the aircraft is branded the Vanuatu way making it a special airplane. "AV1", the flagship's registration number, even gave it's name to Air Vanuatu's top notch in-flight entertainment program aboard.

Take your seats, have a great flight to Port Vila, Vauatu!


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