AirAsia X A330-300 (D7222) Flight Review – Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) to Sydney (YSSY)

AirAsia X A330-300 (D7222) Full Flight - Kuala Lumpur (KLIA) to Sydney (YSSY) 4/7/2013.
Best watch in Full HD1080p. This was my return flight to Sydney when I flew there earlier. This was the old LCCT terminal for AirAsia X and budget airlines.. Now AirAsia X and budget airlines are using the brand new KLIA2 terminal, so no more walking outside to the A330 aircraft. Aircraft spotters, there is some planes spotting in the video during taxiing.
Watch the AirAsia X A330 (D7223) Full Flight - Sydney to Kuala Lumpur 5/5/13

Jump to particular scenes :-
0:00 After X-Ray machine check-point
0:21 Malaysia Airlines A380 spotted
0:42 Aircraft Models on display
1:35 Inside LCCT terminal
2:47 Boarding call and walking to aircraft
4:42 Boarding aircraft
6:20 Push-back and taxi, view of KLIA Terminal ( Aircraft spotting here)
11:53 Malaysia Airlines A380 at terminal
17:24 AirAsia X A330 ready for takeoff, view from aircraft
25:15 Inflight meal service, my Nasi Lemak (Coconut rice/chicken rendang)
29:56 Australian Guarantine Regulation announcement
32:45 Landing on 34L runway
39:34 ePassport machine ( Express immigration check-out )

Flight information :-
Kuala Lumpur Int'l (WMKK / KUL) LCCT Terminal to Sydney (YSSY / SYD) Terminal 1
Date : 4/07/13
Aircraft : Airbus A330-300 (twin-jet) Flight No : D7222
Flight duration : 7 hours 40 mins
Departure : 12:21pm (KL Local time)
Arrival : 21:10pm (AEST Local time)
Cruising Altitude : 37,000 ft
Speed - Filed: 472 kts
Distance - Direct: 6,592 km
Sony HDR-XR160
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