Airborne 09.18.15: AMA v FAA UAV Data, AW609 Speed Record, NetJets Picket

Also: Age/Color/Gender In Aviation, ATC Privatization, VA Flight Training, Airbus US Site, BA777 Failed Engine, B-2 Ops Availability, 2000th AE 2100 The Academy of Model Aeronautics has released a detailed analysis of the FAA's drone data. A close examination of 764 records, which were publicly released last month, reveals a more complex picture of unmanned aircraft systems activity in the United States than initial media headlines suggested. There are military crashes and a UFO sighting in the data. Only a fraction of the records were legitimately reported “close calls” and “near misses,” and some didn't involve drones at all. The AgustaWestland AW609 TiltRotor aircraft recently set a speed record on a 1000 kilometer ‘point-to-point' journey. The aircraft flew from its Yeovil facility in southwest England to its Cascina Costa facility near Milan, Italy, a distance of 627 nautical miles, in 2 hours 18 minutes. That's an average ground speed of about 270 knots. It appears that the concept of privatizing the air traffic control system is thought to be a bad idea by more than just those of us in aviation. According to a survey conducted by Global Strategy Group of 801 registered voters nationwide, Democrats, Independents and Republicans all more