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PIA Premier Business Class
Pakistan International Airlines launches Premier service on London routes
PIA Premier Service Inaugurated in Islamabad

Pakistan International Airlines launches Premier service
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) earlier this week launched its 'Premier' service for flights to London.
PIA’s New A330 Aircrafts
PIA has leased 3 Airbus A330 aircraft from Sri Lankan Airlines on a wet lease.

The wet lease means that the aircraft will be operated by a Sri Lankan crew but the aircraft will be painted with the PIA logo on the outside. They will be travelling 11 hours a day, with costs ranging from $88,000 per plane per day or $264,000 for all three planes per day.

Launch Details for PIA’s Premier Service
The leased aircraft will be used for the Islamabad-London “premier service” which will be inaugurated by PM Nawaz Sharif on 14th August.

The first flight of the premier service PK-785 will be departing from Islamabad airport at 14:00 hours on 14th August.
It is widely believed that standards at the national carrier need massive improvement. The premier service aims to reclaim some of that prestige that PIA was famous for a few decades ago before political mismanagement and nepotism ruined it.

If the standards of this new service are demonstrated to be at par with those of international airlines, PIA’s newest investment may work out for the better. This is because the national airline is already criticized for offering subpar service with a price that doesn’t justify their existing level of service.

On top of that PIA is neck deep in losses. Sources indicate that the decision to buy these new aircrafts despite increasing losses for the airline did not sit well with the board of directors of PIA either.

There are only 3 days left until the launch of the premier service. Whether this new service represents a newer and better PIA or not will become evident in the coming weeks.

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PIA is negotiating with Sri Lankan Airlines for the lease of four A-330 aircrafts. PIA has advertised for leasing wide body aircrafts last month and Sri Lanka’s national carrier expressed interest in leasing out its four new wide body A-330 aircrafts to PIA.


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