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At, we identify and evaluate the best charter airplane services and private aircraft available in the luxury industry. We understand the need for a measurement of quality in the luxury market, and we strive to identify which aircraft or charter services provide the best overall experience for the discerning traveler. Our services assist aircraft enthusiasts and connoisseurs in finding the right service to get from point A to point B with maximum comfort and the best overall experience. We also assist pilots in finding their own private luxury aircraft.

Our methodology for researching and evaluating aircraft and charter services featured on our website is a meticulous process in which our research team evaluates various critical and vital aspects of the luxury market. Our network of passionate aviation enthusiasts provide us with a wealth of information to assist us in identifying the most important factors in selecting the right aircraft or charter service. They also understand which agencies provide the most crucial information and testing methods for safety and performance. Our comprehensive evaluations of aircraft available for purchase, charter, or rental are based on reliability, handling, performance, safety, and comfort.

The reliability of the aircraft is a vital component in our evaluation. Our evaluators spend time understanding the various physical aspects of the aircraft, including the powerplant and airframe. We put the same care into evaluating the handling qualities of the aircraft in order to match the right plane with the right pilot. Our evaluation team spends time with each aircraft and connects with a network of pilots familiar with the aircraft to determine how well each aircraft handles in the air under different weather and wind conditions.
We take multiple approaches to measuring aircraft performance. Our own evaluators test the aircraft, and we also study the reviews as reported by other agencies. Some of our best information comes from those who use the aircraft on a daily basis.

We also evaluate the safety of each aircraft in a number of ways. We base much of our review on a combination of reports, including but not limited to user reviews and NTSB reports. Our evaluators also spend time researching any safety warnings that may be released by these organizations or the manufacturer of the aircraft to understand weaknesses in the overall safety plan.

Comfort is a crucial aspect, especially in the luxury market, and our evaluators spend time dissecting the available customization options, the overall comfort for passengers and pilots, and various features that control the cockpit and cabin environments.
Our process for evaluating and ranking luxury aircraft is meticulous in examining the most vital aspects of the flying experience. Our evaluation spans across different types of aircrafts with a detailed understanding of how each criterion impacts the overall experience for both passenger and pilot. We continue to monitor the market for changes in styles, performance, expectations, and new technologies that improve upon safety and the overall handling of the aircraft.


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