Aircraft Interior Mockups, Models, and Prototypes


Mockups are full-sized imitations of a real device. Mockups of complex and costly devices, such as aircraft and space vehicles, are built to assure that all the different systems and components will work properly when they are installed in the actual vehicle. Mockups can also be a portion of a complete device used as a training aid. In this regard, the control system and instruments of an aircraft or spacecraft can be made into mockups, so flight crews can be trained before the actual vehicle is ready for flight.


Prototypes are working models of devices usually made by hand. The prototype aircraft component is built to prove the design or design concept. After all of the design bugs are worked out of the prototype, production tooling is set up, and production models built. The production models are quite similar to, but not exactly like prototypes.

Aircraft interior mockups

Modelling aircraft interiors needs a full understanding of mock-up needs that starts with the concept and ends with the smallest of finishing details.

Experienced interior designers can understand styling and industrial intent, customer interfaces, and structural needs, finishes and textures, certification requirements and engineering drawings if required.

CNC machining production

Production of aircraft interior mockups requires manufacturing and finishing facilities to ultimately create models that surpass specification. 5 axis cnc machining, composite tooling and plastic vacuum forming are the commonly used manufacturing methods. Composite skills, too, allow composite structures to be made to approved data, including Part 21 subpart G approval if required.

Source by John Routledge

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