Aircraft Window Tinting

Window tinting is started out to be a real cool fashion and style statement, one that served as cynosure and has now been found to have great utilitarian benefits.

This fascination with tints has now taken to the skies as more and more private and VIP jets are now having their windows tinted with the latest in technologies. It is now turning out to be an intelligent and wise investment owing to features provided by some of the tinting technologies:

• Enhanced passenger comfort and satisfaction

• Increased fuel efficiency due to less energy spent in cabin cooling

• Greater protection of interiors from radiations and heat

• Increased safety and security by providing more privacy for VIPs

Window tinting can be classified into different types based on the procedure used to apply them and the technology used. They are:

• Manual: this is the simplest of window tinting types, uses shaded films on a frame which can be used to cover / open the windows as required. These can be normal shades or polarized ones which prevents glare, heat and UV radiations from seeping in. These shades can either be adhesive ones affixed permanently on the window or the cling - on types which offers more flexibility

• Electro - mechanical tints: these are somewhat advanced technologies which does not require the passenger to pull up / down the shades; it can be rolled up / down at the touch of a button and to the level desired

• Electro - chromic tints: these are the most advanced of the lot and the latest in aircraft window tinting technologies on offer. Windows with these shades on offer passengers an extraordinary opportunity never experienced before.

With the latest in technologies available on hand aircraft builders are now integrating the window tinting features into the aircrafts central electrical systems allowing the pilot to de-activate the tinting while landing or taking off the aircrafts. This prevents the extra responsibility and work or the cabin crew to check each window to see if the passengers have complied with the pilots' request.

Technology, as we witness, has been taking the world with storm and anything and everything has been smitten by this "bug". Window tinting, a thing that had started off as eye candy, is fast becoming a necessity; more so with the global warming and other man-made threats looming above us.

Source by Nitin Saini

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