Airfare Codes – Just How Much Can Airfare Codes Save You On Your Airfare?

The world of airline ticketing can seem like a maze of jargon. You may have across mysterious terms such as airfare codes. These "secret" codes are purported to be able to save you a fortune on your flight just by using them when you reserve your flight with the airline. Let's look at the different types that might be floating out there, and whether they are effective in helping you actually get very cheap flights.

Airfare Codes: These are used by professional travel agents when booking flights for customers. They usually are not useful in this day and age for the average travel consumer. They are usually letters, and are meant to indicate what class your fare is in, and also what the restrictions are for your fares. There are times you can get a flight using a special "Up" Code, which means you can get Business or First Class for an economy price, but with tons of restrictions. These extra restrictions may outweigh the benefit of a higher class for many people. You should be very careful if you decide to try and outsmart the airlines by attempting to take advantage of a special fare code. The restricted terms for the airfare my make it very frustrating and in the end not very economical for you.

Airfare Promo Codes: These codes are entirely different than airfare codes. These are meant to save you money when reserving your flight directly with a specific airline, or through a specific agency or website. Think of these as like a coupon for your flight. If you find a good Promo Code, it can save you serious cash on your flights. These are sometimes refereed to as Airfare Discount Codes. Keep an eye out for these, as they can definitely save you money if you follow the conditions required.

When dealing with airfare codes be sure to follow the rules, and to know the restrictions that your airfare will come with. The is nothing worse than saving a bunch of money, then finding out later that it will actually cost you more money due to a nasty restriction the airline has placed on your tickets.

Source by Henry Rustkirk