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AirMAX Flight Scheduler and Reservation System has it all - scheduling, booking, reporting, customer management, and other functions, all operated from a secure, web-based application.

AirMAX Owing to supreme innovation into the digital field, the airline and travel industries have managed to get their share of such vast electronic sophistication and hence there are developed scores of applications which are aimed at a range of modules of typical airline industry. For instance, the efficient and creative programming artists have developed applications pertaining to airline reservation system, crew resource management,aircraft charter quotes,APIS automation,APIS transmitting flexible reservations and inventory management, passenger reservation and so on. Besides, the thoughtful but extremely efficient application designers always keep their systems simple and easy to use even for a person with limited knowledge of internet and software. As a matter of interesting fact, modern application developers also align agent control modules so that the authorized travel agents of the leading airlines will have the access and control over the centralized systems and so a wide range of information could easily be manipulated and updated at times for the common benefit but without affecting the integrity and security of the centralized data repository.
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