Alaska Offers Adventure, Beauty and Nature for Visitors Year Round

If you are looking for a place to vacation with almost unparallel beauty, where nature abounds and where there is still untouched land waiting to be explored, then Alaska is calling your name. From the land or from a cruise ship, visiting and taking in the sites and sounds of Alaska creates memories that last a life time.

When some people think of Alaska, they automatically think of cold weather and the very short or very long days that are experienced in this remote state. Yes, of course it is cooler than say, Southern Florida, but there are plenty of times a year where the weather is bearable. So, if you don't like to freeze, you can still find times to visit Alaska where a sweater or light jacket will suffice.

One of the best ways to experience Alaska is to take an Alaskan cruise. This way you can enjoy the spectacular scenery from the water and from close up when you stop at your various ports of call. To truly realize the size of an ice burg or the natural beauty of this state, a cruise is the way to go. You have the luxury and comfort of the cruise ship and still get to explore different cities and villages.

Don't forget to bring your camera! You will know what I mean once you get there. You might never experience anything as awesome as what you see here. From whale watching in the ocean to the local customs you will experience in towns such as Anchorage or Nome, a camera will help capture your memories.

Consider staying at a bed and breakfast to get to know some of the locals. There are nature hikes available as well as fishing excursions and day cruises. You can't leave without purchasing some of the many local crafts available. Ask locals for good places to eat. There might be a restaurant or pub not listed in your tourist information that will give you a taste of the local cuisine.

Grab your camera, grab your coat and get your Alaskan vacation booked. Once you head there one time, it will call you back again and again. Many of those who live there will tell you that they just came to visit, felt like they had found their home and new that they could never leave the beauty of Alaska.

Source by Steve Miers

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