Amazing flight EMBRAER E-190 Austral Buenos Aires AEP to São Paulo GRU + SP & its best beaches

Flight from Buenos Aires AEP to São Paulo GRU on LV-CDZ, an EMBRAER ERJ-190 delivered to Austral in 2010.
As in my last videos, apart from the whole flight, I’m also dedicating the last part of the video to show a bit of the destination. In this case, you will see some places in the city of São Paulo and some of the best beaches in the northern coast of the state (Litoral Norte).

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The police was escorting somebody that boarded the plane.
The ERJ-190’s cabin is very silent.
A SAAB 340 seen in the video belongs to SOL, an airline that filed for bankruptcy and ceased operations 2 days after I recorded this footage.
This time I traveled in row 4, the most comfortable one in coach because there is more legroom due to the bulkhead.
The overhead bins are larger in Business Class than in coach.
AEP’s runway 13-31 is 6890 ft long and 131 ft wide
It’s great to have a PTV, but the contents could be improved and it’d also be great to have a moving map.

I found a bit strange that they flew for a while with the cockpit door open (the purser was blocking the access). Some months ago, there was an incident also on an Austral E-190, when an Argentinian model flew in the cockpit (she even pushed the thrust levers for takeoff) and recorded the whole scene with a cell phone. According to the news, both pilots were fired subsequently, once the video was made public.
Before 2001, I had the chance to fly many times in the jumpseat, even during the takeoff and landing (you can see this in some of the videos in my channel). Things have changed since then.

This is a very comfortable airplane. 100% of the seats are located next to either a window or the aisle.
This flight was very expensive because it was in the beginning of January. I could have traveled to the US for the same amount a month later. The other fact that affected the price was the depreciation of the Brazilian Real against the US Dollar.

Austral is the sister company of Aerolineas Argentinas. Both have similar liveries, but in this case you’ll notice that the winglets have a red pattern.

The “sticks” in the rear part of the winglet and trailing edge of the wing are called static discharge wicks. They control the corona discharge into the atmosphere, isolating noise and preventing it from interfering with aircraft communication equipment.

We flew over Praia Grande and Santos before beginning the descent towards GRU. That area is called Litoral Sul (Southern Coast of São Paulo state). The beaches there are not the best in my opinion. There are way better and cleaner ones in the northern coast (Litoral Norte). I’ll show that to you in the last part of the video.

Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral offer a very good service. The planes are clean and, at least in my case, they’ve never lost my luggage.
This time we landed on runway 27L. Landing on this side gives the chance to see the beautiful green landscapes of Mairiporã and the Cantareira.

If you like nature and outdoor sports, there are a lot of truly amazing places to visit in the state of São Paulo. The city of São Paulo is surrounded by forests and water reservoirs.
GRU is a big hub for flights from South America to the US, Europe and the Middle East

Last part of the video

Paulista Avenue / Avenida paulista
Carnaval de rua / blocos
Parque Agua Branca.
Pinheiros metro/train station
Mata atlântica
Fazenda da farinha.
Indigenous reservation


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Plane reg. LV-CDZ
Seat/asientoAssento/Poltrona: 4A

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