Ambush at 1930’s Aerial Landing Field | BESIEGE v 0.27 | Theater of Flights #34

This is a collaboration between Shadé (Made the dirigible based on the Kirov Airship) and Stuchris (Helps the dirigible and made the mini plane),

Experiments in the 1930's on the conversion of the sun’s rays into electric power led to an unusual idea in aerial equipment. It is a dirigible that not only would get its power from the sun but also provide space for a landing field in the air.

The ordinary cigar-shaped dirigible would in effect have a slice taken from the upper half of the gas bag. This would provide a large deck on which could be mounted solar photo cells, an airplane runway, and a hangar. Planes could land on the dirigible, floating over the sea, to refuel for trans-ocean passenger service.



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