American Airlines E170 Business Class Trip Report (Full Flight)

Flight: AA4480
Airline: American
Aircraft: E170 (US Airways Livery)
Aircraft Reg: N804MD
Class: Business
Date 03/22/16
Terminal: T
Gate: T11
Boarding Time: 8:00 PM
Seat: 2A
Departure Time: 8:20 PM
Runway: 27R
Flight Level: 33,000 Feet (FL330)
Flight Duration 1 hour 35 minutes
Arrival Time: 10:10 PM
Terminal: B
Gate: C3

Welcome to the first Super SpotterATL Trip Report Production! I have been wanting to do this for a while now and will most likely start this with all of my future videos I make in the future. I am open to criticism for future improvements. This is my first time flying in First Class so of course I loved it! As you could see the air vent rubber piece came off while I tried to open the vents a little. Seemed very poorly designed and cheap to me compared to all of the other aircraft I've flown on but that's just an nitpick. The overall flight was stellar! Very nice flight attendants and gave great service but didn't serve a before departure beverage. I'll give my ratings below about how everything was in the flight. During the rest of the flight you could see the rain outside when the strobes lit up and we were stuck in it throughout the rest of the flight. I liked the old interior of this plane it had a really look to it. The meal was a steak with salad with noodles. The steak was excellent! Cold, but amazing flavor, texture and moisture! I prefer my meats well done. After the flight I of course, took a trip up to the cockpit and sat next to the captain and had a great chat with him and the first officer! Andrew was the Captain of this flight with FO Jon with him! two awesome guys that really loved their jobs and were great enough to sit down and teach me some cool stuff about the aircraft! I really hope you enjoyed the trip report and be sure to check out my other content. Please like, subscribe, and peace,

Cabin Crew: Pretty good 7/10
Food: Most of it tasted good 6.5/10
Seat Comfort: Very spacious and comfortable 7/10
Aircraft: Very nice: 7/10
Overall Flight: Very nice 7.5/10


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