American Airlines Flight 77 – ATC Recordings 9/11 [PART 1/2] [MID-AIR HIJACKING]

Part 1 of 2 of the complete air-traffic control recordings of American Airlines flight 77.

This is a newly released recording of American Airlines flight 77 which crashed into the Pentegon. The plane was hijacked by five terrorirsts. This was the third plane hijacked on September 11, 2001.

American Airlines flight 77 departed Washington-Dulles at 08:10 for Los Angeles. The aircraft was hijacked by five terrorists. The hijackers took over control, reportedly switched off the transponder and changed course to Washington. Last reported data (08:56) show the aircraft flying at FL350 at 458 knots. Course was changed back to Washington and the aircraft descended for the city, approaching from the North. The Boeing reportedly passed overhead the White House and entered a tight 270deg turn, heading for the US Department of Defence building (the Pentagon). It clipped trees and lightposts before slamming into the Southwest face of the Pentagon. An explosion occurred and the building caught fire.



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