American Airlines Full Flight | Dublin to Philadelphia | Boeing 757-200 (AA723) **with ATC**

A full length full flight video in real time with American Airlines, from Dublin to Philadelphia, onboard Boeing 757-200 N936UW operating flight AA723 on April 1 2016.

**Every moment of the flight included from airport to airport. ATC for full flight.**

We begin our journey outside Dublin Airport’s Terminal 2, before making our way through the airport, pre-clearing US immigration, and boarding our ride for today: Boeing 757-200 N936UW. Once we are all boarded we push back, but the crew are unable to start one of the engines – so we return to the gate for the engineers to fix the fault. We finally push back and taxi to runway 10 for departure, where we depart almost 2 hours behind schedule.

Once airborne, we head across Ireland before beginning our transatlantic crossing, flying at a lower altitude of 28,000ft initially due to heavy turbulence at higher levels. We climb in steps up to FL340, before we enter a large area of further heavy turbulence which leaves the fasten seatbelt sign on for the remainder of the flight. We head down the east-coast of the US passing Boston and New England, before the cloud clears shortly before coasting in near to Atlantic City. We then get a stunning view of New Jersey and Philadelphia as we get closer to the airport, finally touching down some 1h45m late.

Key moments in video:

00:00:05 Entering Dublin’s Terminal 2, passing through airport
00:11:00 Boarding the aircraft
00:15:20 Captain’s welcome announcement
00:20:25 Safety announcement
00:26:45 Pushback from Terminal 2
00:30:25 Attempting to start the engines
00:42:08 Captain announces we are to return to the gate
00:45:30 Taxi back into Terminal 1
01:06:25 Pushback from Terminal 1
01:12:00 Captain calls for taxi, commences taxi to runway 10
01:32:00 Lineup and departure from runway 10
09:02:40 Captain announces descent
09:08:23 Atlantic coast, New Jersey
09:22:00 Approaching Philadelphia over New Jersey
09:24:10 Commencing ILS approach for runway 27R
09:29:09 Touchdown on runway 27R
09:30:20 Taxi in to gate A4
09:33:00 Deboarding aircraft and walking into the terminal

Video taken from seat 8F.

Airline: American Airlines
Flight: AA723
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200 N936UW
From: Dublin (DUB)
To: Philadelphia (PHL)
Departure: 12:47
Arrival: 15:41
Flight Time: 07:54
Seat: 8F
Flight Path:

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