American Airlines Full Flight | Philadelphia to Las Vegas | Airbus A321 **with ATC**

A full length full flight video in real time with American Airlines, from Philadelphia to Las Vegas, onboard Airbus A321 N196UW operating flight AA735 on April 1 2016.

**Every moment of the flight included from airport to airport. ATC for full flight.**

Our journey begins at the gate inside the Philadelphia International Airport, with a 1h40m delay. We finally board our flight and are welcomed aboard, before beginning our taxi out to the runway. This plan soon comes to a halt however, as the airport is placed on ground stop due to a passing storm. We sit, engines shut down, for almost two hours (thankfully not filmed in its entirety!) before we finally get clearance to taxi out to runway 27L and depart on a Pottstown departure.

We get airborne on a beautiful evening, with wonderful light and a lightning storm in the distance providing a spectacular backdrop. Once we reach cruising altitude, we begin chasing the sunset across North America, before we finally lose the light completely around two hours in, south of Chicago. Our only glimpse of life on the ground now is the numerous cities we fly over, lit up brightly in the night sky. Onboard this Friday night flight to Vegas however, it's a party atmosphere, with the drinks flowing freely amongst the half full Airbus! We fly over Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL, Lincoln, NE, Denver, CO, and finally over a pitch black Grand Canyon, before we see the bright lights of Las Vegas on the horizon. We make a stunning approach and landing over the city touching down precisely 3 hours and 1 minute behind schedule!

We disembark the aircraft into the terminal, passing rows of slot machines as soon as you enter the terminal, and make our way down to the baggage claim where our driver is waiting to take us to our hotel for the weekend.

Video taken from seat 8F.

Airline: American Airlines
Flight: AA735
Aircraft: Airbus A321 N196UW
From: Philadelphia (PHL)
To: Las Vegas (LAS)
Departure: 19:39
Arrival: 21:39
Flight Time: 05:00
Seat: 8F
Flight Path:

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