American Airlines Ticket – US Airways Airplane – MERGER TRIBUTE

I had to look twice at the American Airlines ticket I held in my hand. The flight numbers matched up, but there was a US Airways aircraft at the end of our gate at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. Even though I had an American Airlines ticket, the newly merged corporation hadn’t gotten around to paining US Airways planes with the updated scheme. Additionally, the flight attendants were still wearing their US Airways logo uniforms!

In many ways, this was bittersweet. US Airways was a great airline with a proud history and dedicated staff. I considered myself lucky to enjoy US Airways hospitality just one last time.

As a tribute to the American Airlines/US Airways Merger, I placed a newspaper clipping detailing the merger in the airplane’s lavatory toilet. On top of this newspaper clipping, I placed an American Airlines napkin, followed by ice from an American Airlines cup.

Then, the flush. An American Airlines napkin inside the lavatory tank of a US Airways aircraft. What a great tribute to the merger!


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