Amphibious Ultralight Takeoff, Low Flying over Limassol and Water Landing – A Flying Boat!

Join us in a Ramphos 582 Amphibious Microlight/Ultralight aircraft as ultralight pilot Micle starts up the aircraft's Rotax engine, taxis on water, sets full power and takes off into the blue sky of Cyprus! Enjoy a scenic view of Limassol city as we fly low next to roads, buildings, resorts, hotels, beaches and swimming pools with people waving at us! Then enjoy the thrill of landing on water from three different views! (onboard view, wing view, plane spotter view)

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Cameras used:
-Panasonic HDC-SD90 (onboard view and plane spotter view)
-Gopro HD 1 Hero (wing view)

Microphone used:
-Standard microphone of the HDC-SD90

Tripod used:
- Velbon DV-7000

Editing Software:
-Sony Vegas Pro 12


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