An RC Jet Plane is the King Kong of Radio Control Airplanes!

If speed is what you are looking for from radio controlled flying, an RC jet plane will deliver the goods. For looks, sound and blazing performance, there is nothing in the RC world quite like a scale model gas turbine jet. Gas turbines are also among the most expensive of all RC airplanes and entail a very steep learning curve. With prices for the engine alone running $1000 and up, you not only need many hours of flying practice under your belt but deep pockets as well to go the gas turbine route.

If you really have your heart set on flying a RC jet plane, there are alternatives to gas turbine models that involve less expense and do not require advanced flight skills. Available as electric or glow engine models, pusher jets are actually powered by propellers that are situated at the rear of the plane. Less realistic looking (and sounding) than turbine jets, they are also not as fast but are far more stable and forgiving and make a good choice for beginners who want to start out on a RC jet plane.

If you are past the beginner stage with RC airplanes and ready to move into jets, electric ducted fan (EDF) models are much closer to the real thing than pusher jets. Still not as fast as turbines, they also cost less and can be flown by pilots with intermediate level skills. Also available in glow-driven (GDF) models, ducted fan jet planes can be purchased Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) or Ready to Fly and provide good training if your ultimate goal is a gas turbine RC jet plane.

Source by Joe W Bennett

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